Tim’s Healthy Soup Recipe

This organic soup is great for any meal. I eat it for breakfast every day as a very healthy alternative to regular breakfast foods. It's all vegan and high in protein, and very tasty. I buy all the ingredients from Whole Foods or Amazon. Amazon purchased Whole Foods a couple of months ago, so you can shop online. Go to www.wholefoods.com and select the "Shop Online" link. Then on bottom right select Grocery Delivery then select Instacart. You have the choice of selecting Instacart or Amazon but Amazon only dilivers to the Ohio area right now. Instacart wont deliver to all zip codes so you can use the gym address and have them deliver to your car while you're here. Meet them out in the parking lot and you can put them right in your car.  I live 10 mins. down the street in Smithfield and they won't delive to there yet so I have them come to the gym. 3 New England Way, 02865.


-4 quart pot 8.25" round x 5" deep
-2, 32 oz. "Imagine" organic Vegitatian No-Chicken Broth
-Whole Foods 365 Instant Mashed Potatoes
-Organic cabbage
-Organic whole leaf frozen spinach
-"Real Salt" organic Onion Salt
-2 organic garlic cloves


-Combine 2, 32 oz. "Imagine" Broths, then fill half of one of those with water and add
-Turn heat on high
-add 3/4 cup of instant potatoe flakes
-add tablespoon of onion salt 
-add 2 crushed garlic cloves
-add two cups of chopped organic cabbage
-add one cup of organic whole leaf spinach
-Put lid on and bring to boil
-add 1 cup of organic  "Andean Dream" Royal Quinoa Fusilli pasta
-bring back to full boil
-stir so pasta doesnt stick
-reduce to medium heat
-slow boil for about 20 mins. or until pasta is soft
-reduce to lowest heat setting

That pot of soup last me for a week of breakfasts and two or three lunches.

You can keep ingredients frozon for four rounds of soup preparation. I buy a fresh organic head of cabbage then chop it up and freeze remainder. The spinach I use is Whole Foods organic Whole leaf Spinach which comes frozen.