Tim’s Healthy Soup Recipe

This organic soup is great for any meal. I eat it for breakfast every day as a very healthy alternative to regular breakfast foods. It can be all vegan or you can use regular chicken broth. I buy all the ingredients from Whole Foods or Amazon. Amazon purchased Whole Foods a couple of years ago, so you can shop online. 


-4 quart pot 8.25" round x 5" deep
-2, 32 oz. "Imagine" organic Vegitatian No-Chicken Broth or Imagine organic regular chicken broth
-Whole Foods 365 Instant Mashed Potatoes
-Organic cabbage
-Organic chopped frozen spinach
-"Real Salt" organic Onion Salt
-2 organic garlic cloves


-Combine 2, 32 oz. "Imagine" Broths, then fill half of one of those with water and add to about 1,1/2" from the top
-Turn heat on high
-add 3/4 cup of instant potatoe flakes
-add tablespoon of onion salt 
-add 2 crushed garlic cloves
-add two cups of chopped organic cabbage
-add one cup of organic chopped frozen spinach
-Put lid on and bring to boil
-add 1/2 cup of organic Cavatelli pasta and a brick of organic Romen noodles
-bring back to full boil
-stir so pasta doesnt stick
-reduce to medium low heat and when boiking subsides, put the cover on tight
-slow boil for about 20 mins. or until pasta is soft
-reduce to lowest heat setting

That pot of soup last me a week of breakfasts and two or three lunches.

You can keep ingredients frozon for four rounds of soup preparation. I buy a fresh organic head of cabbage then chop it up and freeze remainder. The spinach I use is Whole Foods organic Chopped or Whole leaf Spinach which comes frozen.