Quick Fix Alternatives

  • Reduce dairy in your house. Dairy used to be somewhat of a healthy food source. Homogenization and over pasturizing have tainted the products. Tainted bad enough to make it poison for the human body. They do this to the dairy, only to prolong shelf life, which turns a larger profit. I also have some information concerning how cows are raised in order to produce more milk. It's a sickening story. •••• Replacement millk, Rice Dream or soy milk. Rice milk being the better of the two.
  • Get the refined sugar out of your house. Family members should get used to drinking bottled water. Evian, San Pellagrino, Aquafina, Volvic & Zepherhills being the better products. Fun drinks should include unfiltered apple juice, grape juice, apricot juice and the like. Find these at Whole Foods. They shoud be organic and not have anything in the ingredients except the fruit themselves. Fructose is poison. If you're a coffee or tea drinker, get raw sugar, stevia or honey for the house. Try and reduce the amount of sugar entering the body; we are approaching epidemic status with diabetes because of it.
  • Buy organic fruits, nuts & veggies. Non organic products are grown with poison fertilizers and then sprayed with poison pesticides, (double whammy). Kids will get used to fruits and nuts as a snack. You have to wean them off refined sugars. Occasional cheating won't kill you. If the bulk of your eating habbits are good, an occasional cheat is OK.
  • Get partially hydrogenated oils completely out of the house. THEY ARE IN EVERYTHING! Read labels! Margarine and PHO's killed my father! Use butter , "Earth Balance" , olive oil & coconut oil only. PHO's are put in food to prolong shelf life for more profits.