Girls Prep Team

Our Cubs, Lions and Prep team programs are designed to begin preparing students for competitive gymnastics. While all are non-competitive teams as a rule, we will compete these members in aproximately three “fun” meets during the season.  All of these students are selected from our recreational class programs. As with all of our teams, membership is by invitation only and year-round attendance is mandatory.

Summer Schedule Begins July 6th
$175.00 per month, Saturday only
$270.00 per month, both days

Thursday 4:30-7:15
Saturday 12:00-3:00


Weeks of Operation, Holidays and Vacations. Summer 2020

6/27 - 7/5 Vacation All Programs Closed
7/6 - 8/21 Regular Team practices
8/22 - 8/30 Vacation. All Programs Closed
Fall Classes begin 8/31/2020, Monday