New COVID Regulations

New COVID Regulations

New regulation concerns from the Governor's office.

Recently the Governor announced that gyms must be closed for two weeks for COVID regulations. This week, November 23rd to the 28th, we will be open for our regular classes with the exception of Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving observance. Saturday classes will be held as scheduled.

Beginning Monday November 30th through December 13th we will be closed. If there are any changes we will post the information here and on our phone message.

As always, we sanitize our building everywhere each night with food grade hydrogen peroxide and ozonators with ultraviolet light back up which kills all germs and viruses without damage to people and equipment. Also I would like to remind you that we have rooftop heaters with built in economizers. The economizers continuously exchange inside air with fresh outside air. Each rooftop is equipped with four 18 x 24 inch Hepa filters which are continually running during our open hours cleaning the dust particles out of the air within the entire building.

Thanks for your trust in us for healthy care of your children while they pursue their happiness through gymnastics. We’re not just creating great gymnasts; we’re developing better kids™.