USAG State Meet 3/27

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    USAG State Meet 3/27

    Women's USAG State Championships at OSSG

    Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, Xcel Bronze
    3 New England Way
    Lincoln, RI 02865

    Entry fee to be determined by each gym
    Reional Qualifying scores:
    34.00 at this meet
    Level 9/10 only

    Cash only $10.00 - 1 spectator per gymnast only will be allowed in the gym, but we will be live-streaming the event for anyone to purchase and watch from anywhere in the world.

    Here is the link to access the live stream and ticket purchase. Tickets go on sale one hour before the competition.

    After you purchase tickets you will be directed towards our control layout that will have buttons for you to connect to any of our 6 cameras which are Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Scores & Rotation sheet.

    I hope you enjoy this opportunity to watch the State Meet from the comfort of your home. This is an exciting alternative for the gymnastics community considering our current state of affairs. This is also a great way for all of the relatives and friends that live out of state to see their loved ones competing in the sport that they love.


    All meet sites will be following the RI Covid protocols.
    -All teams must arrive at their set time. Please don't come into the building until previous session has left.
    -Each athlete needs to bring their own chalk block and sanitizer. Does not apply to host team.
    -Each athlete/ coach/ official will be temped and sanitized upon arrival. Parents please make sure your child is in the building before leaving.
    -In between each event athletes will sanitize.
    -Everyone will have a mask on expect for the athlete on the apparatus for safety precautions.
    -All judges will be 6ft apart from each other and have wipes, gloves and sanitizer at their stations to use when needed.
    -In between each meet session the gym and equipment will be sanitized.
    -Coaches are responsible to make sure that all of their athletes to sanitize in between each event.
    If in-person awards are being held, teams and podiums must be separated to keep distance from one another.

    No food or drink other than water allowed in he gym area.

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    Session Schedule Results
    Session 1-Saturday 3/27/21 Levels 5/6/9/10

    4:30 pm open stretch
    4:50 March out
    5:00 pm warm up/compete
    7:00 awards

    L5 - Juniro C, Team
    L6 - Junior A, Junior B, Team
    L9 - Senior C
    L10 - Senior C

    Session 2-Sunday 3/28/21 Levels 2/3

    10:00 am open stretch
    10:20 March out
    10:30 pm warm up/compete
    11:30 awards

    L2 - Junior A, Team
    L3 - Junior A, Junior B, Team

    Session 3-Sunday 3/28/21  Level 4

    12:30 pm open stretch
    12:50 March out
    1:00 pm warm up/compete
    3:00 awards

    L4 - Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, Team

    Session 5-Sunday 3/28/21 Level XB

    3:30 pm open stretch
    3:50 March out
    4:00 pm warm up/compete
    5:15 awards

    XB - Junior A, Junior B, Team